New Nokia 3310 to Launch in India

In the world of android the Nokia is going to launch its keypad.  And for that also there is a good demande for this mobile as per order began in Europe on April 28.

We know that Nokia was the king of phones once a time and now Nokia 3310 is coming in different avatar.
 A revamped version of the memeworthy mobile phone will be available for pre-order on this mantoh of 28 April, according to listening leaked from Germany and Australia . However , rumours of a 3G version of the dumbphone have been dismissed as a hoax. The Nokia 3310 will be reported available in EUR 56  or 3900INR

It has 2MP rear camera with 2.5G connectivity with its famous game snake and with Nokia series 30+ OS with 2.4 inch screen with 16mb storage ,32 gb micro SD and 1200mAh battery

Eveery thing in this mobile is classic .like log, contact ,snake , calculator and it also have app store where you can download app and games

A cool old stylish mobile for old citizens with some good access.



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