Samsung S8 Feature – Bixby AI is advanced

No no, don’t be confused here. Bixby AI is not a place. It is a new…

What is this Bixby thing?

Bixby is a smart feature that lets you to go anywhere else in the mobile without typing, scrolling or touching. It can be easily done through bixby AI feature.

How to activate this feature?

Press the bixby button on the device, found lower the volume button or say ‘bixby‘ or simply, ‘hey bixby‘. This activates the Bixby feature and you are good to go.

Bixby while DO NOT DISTURB mode. Yes this is another cool feature.

Where is integrated?

Bixby is a completely new way to use your Galaxy S8 or S8+. The feature is integrated into every aspect of the New Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, so it’s able to handle the tasks you normally do on your phone and it’s constantly learning your ways so it can continually get better. Thus, it is like an advanced robo assistant.

How can Bixby AI help?

With Bixby AI we see a tragic improvement and change in the way of searching experience. Because you want to get the results right away. Who would want to waste their time looking for the perfect app? Right?

A Note: Bixby only supports English and Korean language

It is also helps to find any restaurants, it translate any file/document-just ask bixby, no more typing in boxes. Bixby will forever change the way you search. Because you only have to open your camera or use an image to get results right away. Whether you’d like to know more about a product or place, want to find a restaurant nearby, or even need to translate a document—just call up Bixby. No more typing into boxes.

Final Words

At the moment we don’t know how much of Bixby is online and how much is offline, i.e., whether you’ll need a connection to the internet for Bixby AI to work in all cases, but we do know it’s a cloud based service in the main. But all in all, let’s say hello to the advanced feature of this amazing cell phone. Bixby is a motivation towards the new features in upcoming gadgets.

It will inspire the developers and we hope so.

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