Youtube ads blocked on videos from channels with less than 10k Views

Youtube ads blocked now – on channels with are having less than 10,000 views.

What happened?

YouTube has made changes to its ad policy in order to discourage channels from stealing content from other sources.

From now on, channels won’t be able to make money until their videos have generated 10,000 views.

Ads won’t appear on creators’ videos until they manage to hit this target, with YouTube believing that the 10,000 figure is high enough to give it enough time to work out whether a channel is playing by its rules or not.

“Today, more creators are making a living on YouTube than ever before,”

wrote Ariel Bardin, YouTube’s vice president of product management, in a blog post.

“However, with this growth we’ve started seeing cases of abuse where great, original content is re-uploaded by others who try to earn revenue from it.”

YouTube has attracted widespread criticism over recent weeks, after it emerged that ads from major brands were appearing alongside YouTube videos promoting extremist views, and generating revenue for the creators

Over 250 companies have suspended contracts with Google, and analysts have predicted that the firm could lose up to $750 million as a result of the backlash.

“In a few weeks, we’ll also be adding a review process for new creators who apply to be in the YouTube Partner Program,”

continued Mr Bardin.

“After a creator hits 10k lifetime views on their channel, we’ll review their activity against our policies. If everything looks good, we’ll bring this channel into YPP and begin serving ads against their content.”

A Youtube User says:

“The new policies are a bit unfair to some long term providers of original content. YouTube have taken a hammer to crack a nut. One user with over a million subscribers and nearly 350 million views over 10 years, has seen his income drop by 85% since this purge on extreme content, even though his content is not extreme, except maybe to someone’s maiden aunt.”


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